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Hi all, force girl tumblr admin Veda here, just though I’d show you what I got up to on the weekend. I worked very hard on both these costumes. Can’t wait to work on the next set.

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Force girl Liz

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Force girl Ava

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Force girl Veda as joker fett

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Official force girl, the ever so gorgeous Tayla. Make sure to follow her on Instagram. Photo by Jaimie Nicole.

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Force girls are some of the hottest girls ever!! But I am bias I guess. The amazing Zombie Princess

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So hawwwwtt!! Yowser!!!
Force Girl Felicia

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Official force girl scarlet von vader as two face. I love her so

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It’s theme day over here at force girls. Here is the amazing Becca as batgirl

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Official force girl Christine

Make sure to also follow is on Instagram @force_girls and also Facebook :)

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Official force girl Tasha, who also runs nerds do it better over on Facebook!!

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The gorgeous Chanel!!!!

If you want to be featured on tumblr and on Facebook, send me over your pics. Wether it be art, or products you make. Even your Star Wars related tattoos. You can send them here or to me over on KIK: vedavongrimm

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The ever so gorgeous Lady Noctis, who does amazing cosplay with latex. Make sure to find her on Facebook.

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Our sexy admin over at Facebook Kristina and her awesome Snow White/Leia tattoo

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Force girl Veda Von grimm